Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

Antarctica Talks !

Hello everyone

After a successful expedition we are now working hard at school. We have prepared some teaching resources and we have done talks about Antarctica in order to try to engage students.

As the holidays approach I will be going to Brazil to do some talks for local schools and the local communities to spread the work of the Fuchs Foundation and to attempt to inspire students on Polar Sciences, Antarctica, Global Warming, the Ozone Depletion problem and Skin Cancer. All of these issues which are related to the work we have done in Antarctica.
I hope it all goes well !



UQG Optics Joins the Expedition !

It is with great pleasure that I announce the collaboration with UQG Optics in this Antarctic Expedition. UQG Optics have kindly supplied me with two Fused Silica-Quartz Plate, which is UV transparent. This will allow me to conduct my experiments with Ultraviolet Radiation and Sunscreens in a much more efficient way.

UQG Ltd is an independent UK Optical company based in the heart of the Cambridge Scientific community. We manufacture and supply a custom and a standard catalogue range of optical components and technical glasses which also include a range of optical services.

Their products and services are supplied direct from their factory to customers UK and worldwide’

Make sure you check them out if you are in need of some specialised optical equipment!

Furthermore, the departure date is approaching and I am sorting out the last details.

All the best


Training in Amsterdam – 31/05 – 03/06 2010

Well, things have been very hectic at work and study, but when it comes to our Antarctic Expedition, things get serious. This week I went to Amsterdam to receive training to operate the fantastic Jaz Spectrometer from Ocean Optics. I spend a couple of days in Amsterdam, enjoying the sights in this surreal european capital. Nevetheless, I had a great time. On wednesday I took a train to Arnhem where I was received by Mr. Marco Snikkers, Operations and Business Manager of Ocean Optics – Eu. Ocean Optics, and specially Mr. Snikkers, have been incredibly supportive of our expedition and I have to thank them again for all they have done.

Also, I have to say, what a spectrometer ! The Jaz is the perfect mobile apparatus needed for field work. It is easy to use and extremely light when it comes to expeditions. It is an amazing piece of kit. No wonders Ocean Optics is the leader in their field. You guys do an amazing job. I met Marco and his crew at their offices and we had a good time discussing the science of spectroscopy and ‘playing’ with the equipment.

The Jaz is very small and very practical and I am not just saying it because Ocean Optics is sponsoring me. It is just a fact.

Furthermore, today we had a meeting with the Antarctic Team and received new t-shirts, kindly supplied by Tim Miall’s kit sponsor.

Also, in school I am starting to develop some teaching resources about Antarctica, which will have the contribution of my students, specially Year 9’s and the 6th form.

Amsterdam was great, the training was great and tomorrow I am back at work !


Mr.C. !

Norway Training Week 13th-20th of February 2010

It has been a week since we have returned from our Norway training week. It was cold. Very cold. We had conditions of -24 degrees (with windchill) on the night we camped out. Lucky for us, I suppose. 🙂

It was a week to learn about skiing, snow, boots, blisters,  giant blisters, therm-a-rests, who snores, who can pack, and, of course, to test our spirits. I think we make an excellent team and as the time to go to Antarctica approaches, it gets more and more exciting…. We all have our strengths and we had a great time.

Click on the link below to see some of the photos:

Norway – Antarctica Training Week – Feb 2010

Small adjustments in our Antarctic Kit need to be made, other stuff needs to be bought. Now, it is all about getting our Science Experiments ready for our next training week in June and August.

Polar Greetings to you all !


October and November Developments !!

Many great things have happened in this antarctic expedition. Two new
sponsors have emerged and have graced me with their support.
To them a big big thank you for all your support and trust in this awesome
project which is bound to have great consequences for science education.
The Goldsmiths’ Company are my newest sponsor in my Antarctic Endevours and I am very very grateful for their contribution to this educational project. The Goldsmiths’ Company has continuously supported charitable work in education since the sixteenth century. The current Education Committee was formed in 1944 to ensure the continuance of the Company’s traditional role as an innovator and supporter of less recognised, but important needs.

The Education Committee works within the following policy guidelines:

  • To foster aspects of education considered to be in most need of encouragement
  • To fill gaps in educational provision
  • To help in situations where the Company’s limited finances can have most impact through the multiplier effect

NEPC – Network of Education Policy Centres have also joined me in this amazing effort to encourage students to take on science as a career. The NEPC has 21 institutional members in 18 countries and 4 individual members. It has three years of successful common project work and professional growth in the area of educational policy and related topics. It has been institutionalized as an international NGO. They go to great lengths in contributing to advances in education policy.

In other notes, I have been accepted to start my PhD , part-time, in January 2010 at the Institute of Education, London. I am also working towards my Leadership Pathways Certificate from the National College of School Leadership London, working on a project to embbed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in my school !

All the best to everyone

Keep it cool !


Ocean Optics Joins the Adventure !!

Ocean_Optics_LogoHello there everyone ! I am very happy to announce that Ocean Optics has come on board and will be helping me in this expedition with the amazing Jaz Spectrometer. The equipment will be used to take detail spectra measurments in the Antarctic Surface as well as measurements of different ice spectra of reflectivity, absorption and therefore transmission.

Hopefully, this equipment will also help with the sunscreen experiments which are still under development due to their very delicate and difficult nature.

Ocean Optics is a diversified electro-optics technology company and a global leader in solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter. Our jaz_spectroscopeextensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, optical sensors, metrology instrumentation, light sources, sampling accessories, fibres and probes.

Our miniature optical sensing units for field measurements, lab analysis and remote sensing have enabled thousands of applications such as solar irradiance monitoring, oceanic research, air & gas analysis, water analysis, water quality control, soil analysis, PAR measurements, oxygen sensing, pH sensing, colour measurements and many more

what’s happening in August

Hello there everyone !! There are many things happening during the month of August. In fact much has already happened. I have just become involved TheOgdenTrustPhysicswith The Ogden Trust, a physics education charity. They have agreed to support me in this expedition, which is amazing ! Thanks a lot !

 In another front, I am just about to complete my Masters dissertation on Higher Education admissions policy. Still have a bit of editing to do, and must hand in before 1st of september, so fingers crossed !

I am currently on holidays from school, but I will be arranging an e-bay auction of some stuff I have here at home to raise money to the expedition. Please, if you are interested in any of the products, please bid !!

Still working on some school stuff as well ! Gotta be ready for september ! Oh, and the fitness training has already started !!!

Regards to all of you