Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

What has been happening !?

Hello everyone !

A lot of new developments are taking place, especially in terms of publicity. There is a cool article on the website, which is the official town’s site.

Also, there is another very cool article on the CYpress magazine, which circulates all over Suffolk, especially within schools and county council offices. Thank you everyone at CYpress for this one !

Contributions via Just Giving are picking up slowly, so make sure to drop by and leave your contribution , if you can ! Thanks a lot ! It is much appreciated !!

In two weeks, I will be doing some fundraising during Sports Day at Samuel Ward where students and teachers alike will try to ‘beat the teacher’ at some of the sports.

Also on the Friday 10th of July, a group of students from Performing Arts will perform a play at a Primary School about Antarctica as a way to help me with future fundraising. I will also be giving a short talk about what I will be doing in Antarctica and how the school and students can get involved !

So as you can see things are looking up !

On a personal note, I am currently finishing my Masters dissertation and giving a seminar at the Institute of Education in London on Thursday 25/06 at 5:30 pm entitled “Another Piece of the Education Puzzle in Brazil: Impacts of Universty Entrance Policy in Porto Alegre”. Free to anyone that wants to show up.

that’s it for me !

’till next time,




  Ana wrote @

I would so love to see this “beat the Teacher” thing. It must be great fun

thanks for the link for the Haverhill.UK website

  days wrote @

hello mr capra.
I read your post and i think: the time is a relative for this man.

  Cida Andrade wrote @

Oi Roussel!
Tô super feliz por todas as tuas atividades e pelas tuas grandes realizações. Muitas saudades. Pena não ter podido assistir ao teu seminário, mas, tenho certeza de que haverá muitos outros. I’m very proud of you. Bj. no teu coração.

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