Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

October and November Developments !!

Many great things have happened in this antarctic expedition. Two new
sponsors have emerged and have graced me with their support.
To them a big big thank you for all your support and trust in this awesome
project which is bound to have great consequences for science education.
The Goldsmiths’ Company are my newest sponsor in my Antarctic Endevours and I am very very grateful for their contribution to this educational project. The Goldsmiths’ Company has continuously supported charitable work in education since the sixteenth century. The current Education Committee was formed in 1944 to ensure the continuance of the Company’s traditional role as an innovator and supporter of less recognised, but important needs.

The Education Committee works within the following policy guidelines:

  • To foster aspects of education considered to be in most need of encouragement
  • To fill gaps in educational provision
  • To help in situations where the Company’s limited finances can have most impact through the multiplier effect

NEPC – Network of Education Policy Centres have also joined me in this amazing effort to encourage students to take on science as a career. The NEPC has 21 institutional members in 18 countries and 4 individual members. It has three years of successful common project work and professional growth in the area of educational policy and related topics. It has been institutionalized as an international NGO. They go to great lengths in contributing to advances in education policy.

In other notes, I have been accepted to start my PhD , part-time, in January 2010 at the Institute of Education, London. I am also working towards my Leadership Pathways Certificate from the National College of School Leadership London, working on a project to embbed a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in my school !

All the best to everyone

Keep it cool !



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