Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

Training in Amsterdam – 31/05 – 03/06 2010

Well, things have been very hectic at work and study, but when it comes to our Antarctic Expedition, things get serious. This week I went to Amsterdam to receive training to operate the fantastic Jaz Spectrometer from Ocean Optics. I spend a couple of days in Amsterdam, enjoying the sights in this surreal european capital. Nevetheless, I had a great time. On wednesday I took a train to Arnhem where I was received by Mr. Marco Snikkers, Operations and Business Manager of Ocean Optics – Eu. Ocean Optics, and specially Mr. Snikkers, have been incredibly supportive of our expedition and I have to thank them again for all they have done.

Also, I have to say, what a spectrometer ! The Jaz is the perfect mobile apparatus needed for field work. It is easy to use and extremely light when it comes to expeditions. It is an amazing piece of kit. No wonders Ocean Optics is the leader in their field. You guys do an amazing job. I met Marco and his crew at their offices and we had a good time discussing the science of spectroscopy and ‘playing’ with the equipment.

The Jaz is very small and very practical and I am not just saying it because Ocean Optics is sponsoring me. It is just a fact.

Furthermore, today we had a meeting with the Antarctic Team and received new t-shirts, kindly supplied by Tim Miall’s kit sponsor.

Also, in school I am starting to develop some teaching resources about Antarctica, which will have the contribution of my students, specially Year 9’s and the 6th form.

Amsterdam was great, the training was great and tomorrow I am back at work !


Mr.C. !


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  Susana wrote @

Very nice a new experience with a Spectrometer from Ocean Optics, and a new t-shirts is very cool !!

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