Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

Antarctica Talks !

Hello everyone

After a successful expedition we are now working hard at school. We have prepared some teaching resources and we have done talks about Antarctica in order to try to engage students.

As the holidays approach I will be going to Brazil to do some talks for local schools and the local communities to spread the work of the Fuchs Foundation and to attempt to inspire students on Polar Sciences, Antarctica, Global Warming, the Ozone Depletion problem and Skin Cancer. All of these issues which are related to the work we have done in Antarctica.
I hope it all goes well !



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  Bruno Vidal (@peixotuspeixoto) wrote @

deixa eu apresentar um exemplo de escola onde há talentos, mas não há quem os descubra. Onde posso dar o meu relato?
Escute o meu grito de socorro, por esses que tem a tecnologia mas não tem motivação para querer algo em suas vidas….. VAI VALER A PENA.

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