Mr. Capra's Educational Pursuits in Antarctica

Fuchs Foundation Antarctic Expedition 2010

About me



My name is Roussel and I’m a Physics Teacher at Samuel Ward Arts & Technology College and I have been given this amazing opportunity by the Fuchs Foundation to go to Antarctica in an educational/scientific expedition so as to try to inspire young people to think about science as an amazing career !

The Fuchs Foundation ‘gives young teachers the opportunity to break free from the constraints of their normal safe existence and inspire them through expedition work that tests both their mental, physical and emotional resources which will in turn give them a life changing experience and will inspire their teaching for the rest of their career’.

Thank you !



  Michelle wrote @

Poderia estar escrevendo em ingles, mas sei que voce vai entender, portanto, Parabens pela bela oportuidade de ter realizado esta expedicao cientifica, parabens por toda sua determinacao e esforco que concerteza nao foram poucos para voce chegar onde chegou. Moro aqui na Inglaterra (Em Londres) a 6 anos e nao pude deixar de observar que alguns de nos Brasileiros estamos nos destacando e vencendo fora do Brasil, talvez voce nao saiba mas vi uma reportagem a respeito de voce na revista real aqui em londres e me lembrei que o velho vizinho de porto alegre Roussel continua sempre alerta! Quando quiser dar um oi e visitar a mim e minha familia sera bem vindo na minha casa aqui em londres. Um abraco e sucesso. Michelle Zeloschi ( – (Sempre alerta!)

  Wilco van Rooijen wrote @

Dear Roussel,

I got your website from Mike Sharp. We are going to do an expedition from Union Glacier to the SouthPole and in return with a solar car. that’s why i’m contacting you because according to what Mike said is that you did some messurements in solar activity on the SouthPole (antarctica).
We did also last winter on Mount Vinson but we are wondering what your output is?
Can you please contact me: (
and see the car on:

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